MM 5th Event On : 10th Oct 2014

Music Mania & Dr. Anjali Chhabria – Psychiatrist & Psychotherapist at Mindtemple, collaborated on WMHD for a program which invited patients and care-givers dealing with Dementia free of charge. On the 10th October, 2014. at Sheila Raheja Hall, Rotary Service Centre, Juhu, Mumbai

In the last decade, the numbers of cases affected by dementia were 3.7 million in India. In 2030, it is expected to be double. The maximum life-span of these patients after diagnosis is 1 to 7 years approximately. Rehabilitation and recreation for such patients is minimal in Mumbai.

As music does not require cognitive or mental processing, it helps dementia patients in managing stress induced agitation and stimulates positive interactions. Patients associate music with important events and emotions. Mindtemple is a counselling center founded in 2004, which caters to psychiatric, emotional and behavioral concerns in individuals.

We at Music Mania believe Music is for the Soul, Music Heals, and along with NGO’s we plan to reach out and touch the hearts of those millions & provide music as a therapy.

We are grateful to Mr. Anup Jalota, Mr. Talat Aziz, Ms. Shilpa Rao, Mr. Lesle Louis & Mrs. Runa Rizvi Sivamani for their soulful music and performing specially for the elderly and patients

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